This pamphlet tackles the question: how do we get from A to B, capitalism to post-capitalism?

It is critical reading to understand why:

  • Capitalist-oriented industrial agriculture and its destruction of habitat are the upstream causes that led to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as other past and future pandemics of devastating, emerging viral pathogens. 
  • COVID-19 may trigger a collapse of the global capitalist system but it is not the cause.
  • Health-care and public-health systems organized around capitalist principles don’t do well in pandemics, compared to those not organized around capitalist principles. 
  • The current economic collapse, triggered by a pandemic, opens a door for revolutionary transformation.

Rinky-dink Revolution involves actions and inactions that are easy, safe, mundane, unglamorous, and feasible within every person’s life.

Howard Waitzkin presents a clear, straightforward intervention for revolutionary change in the global capitalist economic system. He covers much ground, with sophistication, while keeping the argument grounded. His focus on ways to facilitate a challenge to capital and to build further revolutionary transformation is crucial at this historical juncture. The discussion of creative constructions and creative destructions is particularly useful. —Brett Clark, Professor of Sociology, University of Utah, and author of The Robbery of Nature: Capitalism and the Ecological Rift

The end of capitalism is possible. Waitzkin takes us a step further in the creative process for transformation. Through specific examples from organized groups within the United States and abroad, this work constitutes a practical guide for everyone. Waitzkin encourages our creativity for organized, safe acts and omissions to transcend capitalism. —Nylca J. Muñoz Sosa, lawyer, public health leader, and activist focusing on health justice and decolonization in Puerto Rico


Moving beyond capitalism now 8

Peculiar ways to struggle without confronting capitalism 12

Rinky-dink revolution and revolutionaries 21

Creative constructions 36

Creative destructions 49

The death of capitalism and the birth of something else 65

About the author 68

Acknowledgments 69

Vision statement: Moving beyond capitalism—now! — Howard Waitzkin and Firoze Manji 70


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  • ISBN print: 78-1-988832-53-1
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  • Publication date: March 2020
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Author Howard Waitzkin

Howard Waitzkin is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of New Mexico and practices internal medicine part-time in rural New Mexico and Illinois. For many years he has been active in struggles focusing on health in the United States and Latin America. He is coordinator, with the Working Group for Health Beyond Capitalism, of Health Care Under the Knife: Moving Beyond Capitalism for Our Health, Monthly Review Press, 2018.