Some of Us Are Brave (Volume 1): Interviews and Conversations with Sistas in Life and Struggle

This is the literature of liberation! The truth. It waters the roots of a strong and timeless tree and bears the fruit of freedom. In the tradition of Ida B. Wells, Thandisizwe Chimurenga writes for the people because she is the people, and she loves the people. The interviews and conversations in Some Of Us Are Brave include Black women and Black men on Black women. This book will educate, inspire and strengthen the mind and spirit of Black women and those that love them. —Dr. Alice Nicholas, Africologist, Assistant Professor, Poet

Some of Us Are Brave is a courageous exploration of Black feminism within the Black left, offering invaluable insights and igniting much-needed conversations. It is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of this vital aspect of our history and the transformative power of Black feminist thought. In a media landscape that often falls short when it comes to representing the voices of Black feminists, this series is a breath of fresh air. — Piper Carter, Detroit-based Arts & Culture Organizer
Host of “Beyond Breaking Barriers” podcast on Black Power Media

A society born of white supremacy and patriarchy must, by definition, ignore the voices of Black women. We know that unfortunately, such an attitude will also naturally seep into every stratum of that society

Part of the contribution to correct that was the centering and airing of Black women’s voices through Some of Us Are Brave: A Black Women’s Radio Program that aired on Pacifica’s Los Angeles radio station  (KPFK) from 2003 until 2011.

The program covered a myriad of issues by amplifying the voices of a broad cross-section of Black women. Some of those voices have been preserved here in this volume. In addition to capturing various moments in time with a ­variety of women, this is also a means of taking the intellec­tual production of and about Black women out of the hands of institutions that are both fundamentally ­anti-Black and anti-woman. 

Volume 1 contains interviews under the headings The Shoulders on Which We Stand and Black Lives Have ­Always Mattered.

Volume 2 covers Black Women’s Health, Bruthas on ­Sistas, and Sistas in Struggle.

“This latest offering from journalist Thandi Chimurenga is something that Florida Governor Ron DiSantis would ban in a heartbeat and try and create a law banning Thandi and the powerful women she features in this book. To put it simply, this book is fiya and will cause a lot of discomfort to those who hate Black women and want to see Black history and Black liberation be erased. This won’t happen on Sister Thandi’s watch. She’s the Ida B Wells of our time who carries keen insight, unapologetic love for our people and lots of receipts to  chin check haters and institutional racists.”—David “Davey D” Cook, Professor, Africana Studies, San Francisco State University. (Host, Hard Knock Radio, KPFA, Pacifica-Berkeley)

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Publication Date: October 2023
Page Count: 258
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Table of contents



The Shoulders on Which We Stand

Aminata Umoja Revolution Without Women Ain’t Happening

Ayana Jameson Octavia Estelle Butler (OEB) Legacy Society

Barbara Ransby Ella Baker

Carol Boyce Davies Claudia Jones

Deadria Farmer Paellman Queen Mother DrDelois Blakely and Reparations

LisaGay Hamilton Beah: A Black Woman Speaks

Melina Abdullah and Regina Freer Charlotta Bass and Karen Bass

Paula Giddings Ida B Wells

Pearl Cleage Speaking with Charlayne Hunter Gault

Sistas on the Run Ida BWells, Ruby Dee, Mabel Williams, Kathleen Cleaver,
Assata Shakur, Charlotte O’Neal

An Afrikan Traditional View of Abortion Awo Fasina Falade and Judy Rosenthal

Art for Our Sake

Adrienne Maree Brown Octavia’sBrood

Ava Duvernay My Mic Sounds Nice

Carol Maillard Sweet Honey in the Rock

Euzhan Palcy On Filmmaking

Evelyn White On Alice Walker

Julie Dash On St Clair Bourne

Sharon L Graine On Mammy Pleasant

Shirley Jo Finney StickFly

Sonia Sanchez Haiku

S Pearl Sharp Ruby Dee, Nora Davis Day and Love

Ellene Miles Tina Mabry and Mississippi Damned

Paula Kelly and Wren Brown Crowns

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