Politics of Turbulent Waters: Reflections on Ecological, Environmental and Climate Crises in Africa


For the past 10 years, the Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) has been on the front line of the struggle for environmental justice, climate justice and food sovereignty in Africa and the globe. It has been a decade of non-stop probing of the exploitation of resources, peoples and nations, which has given rise to numerous environmental and climate injustices. HOMEF has had a decade of witnessing and standing against the injustice, the powers and structures (industries and policies) suffocating the rights of the people to a healthy environment and standing with the neglected to take charge of their once self-managed food and agricultural systems. The struggle has necessitated the reawakening of communities’ consciousness to the injustices that besiege them and to their ‘people power’ – power to be utilized in seeking the desired change.mPolitics of Turbulent Waters is a compendium of selected articles in the 36 issues of the Eco-instigator published from 2013 to 2022. The Eco-instigator is yet another tool used by HOMEF to pull together thoughts and reports of activities that advance environmental justice and food sovereignty. Issue by issue, these thoughts and reports flow from within HOMEF and other environmental/climate justice and food sovereignty advocates from across Africa and the globe.They form this rich assemblage (Politics of turbulent waters) to commemorate HOMEF’s 10th anniversary. The title of the book is one of Nnimmo Bassey’s (the director of HOMEF) numerous articles that have graced some pages of the different issues of the Eco-instigator. The article cum title encapsulates the messages that the book intends to convey to you, the reader. It crystallizes the dire condition of Africa and its waters and the power imbalance together with the spatial disposition that plunged the continent into the calamitous environmental situation it faces. It speaks of the politics of economic development and market fundamentalism that avows to maintain the status quo in terms of destructive exploitation of Africa’s marine and other natural resources.

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Nnimmo Bassey is a Nigerian environmental justice activist, architect, essayist and poet. He is the director of the ecological think-tank, Health of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) and coordinator of Oilwatch International. He was the chair of Friends of the Earth…





    Section 1: Climate Crises

    1. Avian Friends, Naturecracy and Artocracy in the Time of Coronavirus – Nduka Otiono
    2. Civil Disobedience: A Key Strategy in the Fight for Climate Justice – Femke Wijdekop
    3. Burning the Planet, One COP at a Time – Mary Lou Malig
    4. Never Trust a COP – Obayanju Babawale
    5. Fighting for Climate and Environmental Justice in the Maghreb? – Hamza Hamouchene
    6. Watch Your Carbon Footprints – Sonali Narang
    7. Decolonise, Revive, Transform: Meet Africa’s First Earth Jurisprudence Graduates -Hannibal Rhoades
    8. A Forest in the City: How Climate-Conscious Are You? – Ako Amadi
    9. The Coming Green Colonialism – Nnimmo Bassey
    10. Want Real Climate Ambition? Keep Polluting Industries Out and Make Them Pay – Patti Lynn, Nnimmo Bassey, and Lidy Nacpil
    11. Green New Deal: A Done Deal or Doom Deal? – Magdalene Ime Idiang
    12. Biodiversity: Key to Climate Change Mitigation – Sonali Narang
    13. Accelerating Climate Action by Design – Nnimmo Bassey
    14. Time for a Peoples’ COP – Nnimmo Bassey

    Section 2: Hunger Crises

    1. GMOs for Food and Nutrition Security: A Costly Distraction – Hans R. Herren
    2. A Second Look at GMO Food Policies in Nigeria – Oluwafunmilayo Oyatogun
    3. On Monsato’s Claim that GMOs are Safe – Nnimmo Bassey, Mariann Bassey Orovwuje, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour
    4. Eat and Quench: Let’s Listen to What Our Food is Telling Us – Jibrin Ibrahim
    5. Nigeria Deserves Unbiased Biosafety Regulatory System – Mariann-Bassey Orovwuje
    6. Raging Cattle Colonies Debate – Stephen Oduware
    7. Eating Genetically Engineered Insecticides – Nnimmo Bassey
    8. Food Sovereignty and Matters Arising – Benita Siloko
    9. Farmer-Herder Clash: Beyond Ethnic and Religious Labels – Mfoniso Antia
    10. GMOs Don’t Increase Crop Yield – Joyce Ebebeinwe
    11. AGRA Isn’t the Face of Agriculture – Nnimmo Bassey
    12. Hunger: The New Phase of Climate Change in Africa – Cadmus Atake-Enade
    13. Africa Can Feed Nourish Herself – Fidelis Allen
    14. Fiddling in Nairobi while Africa Goes Hungry – Timothy A. Wise

    Section 3: Oil Politics

    1. Politics of Ecological Defence – Nnimmo Bassey
    2. Lives and Water Resources at Risk in Namibia and Botswana – Ogechi Okanya Cookey
    3. A Critique of the IUCN-Niger Delta Panel Final Report – Richard Steiner
    4. Resisting Shale Gas in Shala, Algeria – Hocine Malti
    5. They Don’t Care if We Exist: Crude Oil Spill Impacts at Forcados – Nnimmo Bassey

    Section 4: Knowledge Space

    1. We Shall Not Be Silent – Nnimmo Bassey
    2. Development or Amputation? The Role of Extractive Industries – Firoze Manji
    3. How Economic Growth has become Anti-Life – Vandana Shiva
    4. Global Blackness – Hakima Abbas
    5. White Saviourism, Victimisation and Violence – Firoze Manji
    6. Why Law Can Save the Earth – Femke Wijdekop
    7. Blasting the Rock, Blowing Away Our Future – God’spower Martins
    8. System Change Will Not Be Negotiated – Nnimmo Bassey
    9. Resource Control, Gender and Peace in the Niger Delta Region – Nkoyo Esko Toyo
    10. A Review of ‘Gross Domestic Problem’ by Lorenzo Fioramonti – Ukpono Bassey
    11. The Centrality of Culture in the Struggle for a New World: Amilcar Cabral and Ken Saro-Wiwa – Firoze Manji
    12. What are Systemic Alternatives? – Pablo Solon
    13. The Sloth and the Bonfire by Pablo Solon (translated from Spanish by Tom Kruse)
    14. Politics of Turbulent Waters – Nnimmo Bassey
    15. Restorative Justice: A Suitable Response to Environmental Crime – Femke Wijdekop
    16. Of Extractivism and Discontentment – Stephen Oduware
    17. Positive Green Criminology: Becoming Ecologically Awake System Changers – Femke Wijdekop

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