A wave of mass protest movements has spread across the MENA region and has touched Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, and Algeria. The mass protests have a lot in common, from opposing archaic regimes and worsening economic conditions to asking for radical changes in social relations. Despite their similarities, each protest movement operates under specific conditions that should not be ignored. It is the specific historic and economic conditions of each country that has determined the key actors in these uprisings and their location across old and new divides. By investigating these conditions and actors, we can paint a clearer picture of these movements and discover the similarities and differences across the different countries. Only then can lessons in organizing be drawn out and warnings read.

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  • ISBN print: 978-1-988832-61-6
  • ISBN ebook: 978-1-9888326-2-3
  • Publication date: September 2020
  • Binding type: Soft cover
  • Trim size: 6in x 9in
  • Language: English
  • Colour: B&W

Author Jade Saab