Rastafari Movement, The: A Beginners Guide

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Why is this book necessary today?

Rastafari: A Beginner’s Guide” holds immense relevance due to its unique approach to addressing the complex movement of Rastafarianism. It’s complex nature, encompassing elements of social movements, Pan-Africanism, Afrocentrism, philosophy, and religion, can be overwhelming for new readers. This book serves as an accessible introduction, providing a foundational understanding that caters to both Rastafarians and individuals with limited knowledge of the movement.

By delving into the essence of the Rastafari lifestyle beyond superficial attributes like dreadlocks and cannabis use, the book helps dispel misconceptions and offers a more accurate representation of the movement’s beliefs and principles. Further, this guide aids in shedding light on the depth and significance of Rastafarianism’s contributions to culture, spirituality, and social thought but also its philosophical challenges.

The book’s coverage of Rastafarianism’s historical trajectory and foundational values provides crucial context for understanding its development over time. By highlighting its evolution from its origins in Jamaican ghettoes to its expansion into a more inclusive and diverse community that includes professionals and the middle class, the book underscores the movement’s adaptability and relevance in changing societal landscapes.

Despite existing scholarly contributions, there remains a need for a concise, approachable guide that synthesizes the wealth of information available on Rastafarianism. This book fills that gap, providing readers with a comprehensive yet accessible overview that can serve as a starting point for further exploration.

ISBN Print: 9781990263873
Publication Date: November 2023
Page Count: 72
Binding Type: Soft cover
Trim Size: 6in x 9in
Language: English
Colour: Black and White



PREFACE, Declarations of Human Rights, CHAPTER 1 – Background, CHAPTER 2 – Rastafarianism and Other Religions, CHAPTER 3 – Mansions/Houses/Branches , CHAPTER 4 – Dreadlocks, CHAPTER 5 – Beliefs and PracticesCHAPTER 6 – Symbols , CHAPTER 7 – Rituals and Practices, CHAPTER 8 – Rastafari religious and philosophical literature, CHAPTER 9 – Conclusion, Glossary, Quotations from Marcus Garvey,Timeline, Further reading, Bibliography

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