Ayand Kota & Nonhle Mbuthuma: Unemployed People’s Movement founder under death threat
Ayanda Kota
Nonhle Mbuthuma

Ayanda Kota is the leader of the Unemployed People’s Movement is in hiding after being warned about a plan to assassinate him. It is no idle threat in a province where political murders are rife.

Nonhle Mbuthuma is spokesperson of Amadiba CrisisCommittee. She is a human rights and environmental activists, fighting against the extractivism here in Xolobeni eastern Cape. We formed ACC 2007 because of the Australian company called MRC they want to open a mining in our ancestral land to destroy our livelihood.

Denia Jansen from the western Cape . national secretary of Inyanda National land Movement.A movement that fight alongside the dispossessed and exploited for transformation of the countryside .Im also part of the Zabala current that are a group of activists that are interested in the stuggels of the working class.

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