Sunny Omwenyeke: Refugees and migrants in Germany in the time of COVID19

Dr. Sunny Omwenyeke is a human rights activist and a veteran of the refugee movement in Germany. Formerly the Coordinator of the Regional Asylum Activism, West midlands/UK, he founded the Bremen Solidarity Centre (BreSoC) e.V. and “Together We Are Bremen (TWAB)”; a local self organised and refugee advocacy group. He studied International Relations and Global Governance in Bremen and completed his doctorate in the UK on Transnational Advocacy Networks. He lives in Bremen and works as Empowerment Trainer with various refugees/refugee groups and also lectures at the Universities of Bremen and Oldenburg.
Contact: [email protected]

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Shad Omwenyeke
Shad Omwenyeke
June 9, 2020

Keep up the good work brother. Your place is secured in the kingdom of God when he is ready for you. God bless you and the family for all you continue to do for humanity. Love you brother.

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