Submitting book proposals

We welcome proposals for books, e-books, pamphlets, audio and visual content.

Please note that we want to encourage the publication of radical materials from the ‘global South’ (which includes the exploited and oppressed in the ‘global North’) that seek to reclaim the past, contest the present and invent the future, but in particular those that contribute to emancipation and the development of a universal humanity

Please provide the following information:

Please provide the following information:
Below is a summary of what we would like to see in a proposal. Please be aware that we will share it with relevant advisors to get their views about the appropriateness of the proposal to the work of Daraja Press and its quality. Providing you with information about the proposal format should not necessarily be taken as an expression of interest.

Please provide:

A title and sub-title
A synopsis of the book, including an outline of its argument (one page only)
An explanation of why you see this proposal fitting in with the goals of Daraja Press
A list of chapters, with a brief description of each
Why it is important that this book is published
The audience it is aimed at, both in terms of its geography and type of readership — and in particular, who is the primary readership
How this book differs from other similar titles
Word length
Information about any proposed illustrative material, e.g. line drawings, photographs or maps
Proposed date of submission
Whether funds are available to support the publication
Which other publishers are you submitting or have you submitted the proposal / manuscript to?

Your summary CV

Please submit to [email protected].