Reflections on South Korea’s handling of COVID-19
Dr Saerom KIM

I speak to Dr Saerom KIM and Professor Chang-Yup KIM about how Korea has been dealing with COVID-19

Saerom KIM, MD, Ph.D., MPH, is a director of Gender and Health research center at the People’s Health Institute, Korea. The focus of the research area is participation, empowerment, gender, and power in health-related decision making. Saerom has been working as a communication coordinator of the People’s Health Movement, Korea.

Chang-yup KIM, MD, PhD, MPH, is a professor of health policy at the School of Public Health, Seoul National University and the president and director of the People’s Health Institute. Also, he has been the country coordinator of the PHM Korea. His current researches include health and social policy, equity and justice in health, health reform, and critical health studies. He is the founding president of the Korean Society for Equity in Health, and the former president of the Academy for Critical Health Policy, Korea Society for Global Health, and Korea Society of Health Policy and Administration.

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