Reflections on, and learnings from, Organising in the time of Covid-19: Rene Loewenson interviews Firoze Manji

Rene Loewenson speaks to Firoze Manji:


1. Your interviews have covered a wide range of countries, social groups, organising spaces, areas of struggle – what have you perceived as common across them? what has been unique or different? a. There are many rich, interesting podcasts – If you had to name two that struck you as essential ‘listening’ which are they and why?


2. What have the interviews highlighted about how organising in a time of COVID is any different to prior issues, forms, spaces, processes? Is the pandemic demanding or opening new lenses, issues, strategies / tactics; or how is it affecting longstanding justice issues/ methods/ alliances? a. Rather than ‘building back better’ your interviews point to an aspiration for transformation. From the diverse interviews you have done where do you see the windows of opportunity, key and strategic sites of struggle moving forward? b. How do you see the longer term developments on vaccines, information technology on COVID and beyond (and in the ‘health- lifesciences-information industry’) affecting these sites of struggle?


3. Daraja publishes many interesting books also! What do the podcasts bring that you don’t find in the books- and what do the books bring that you don’t find in the podcasts? 4. Finally who / what is on your wish list for future interviews?

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