Radio Ada
Radio Ada, Ghana, under attack again

Radio Ada and its members are under attack— again. Noah Dameh, Deputy Station Coordinator at Radio Ada, is being targeted by the local authorities of Ghana for calling out the violence being perpetrated against Dangme people in the Greater Accra Region. Amanor Dziagu and Serwa Waree, collaborators at the station, have also received violent threats; Amanor in particular was targeted during the January attack on the station. This is occurring in support of a major corporate development. The statement from Radio Ada reads as follows: “We call on the Ghanaian National Government to intervene, following the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We also call on the Ghana Police to quicken their steps at arresting the thugs who attacked Radio Ada in early January and to focus their attention on the threats to human rights as outlined in Articles 8(2)b and 16(1) of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and in Article 19 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Panelists include: Noah Dameh, a community Radio volunteer with 22 years experience, a deputy station coordinator in charge of daily operations of Radio Ada. He is also a lead trainer of trainers in Media and Information Literacy with the Ghana Community Radio Network, DW Akademie and Penplusbytes Ghana. Serwaa Waree, a brave, selfless woman and committed to community development with 7 years experience in Community Radio. And now, news coordinator and also a program producer. Amanor Dzeagu, a social inclusion advocate and programs coordinator at Radio Ada with 9 years experience in Community Radio advocacy. Julius Odoi, the program producer and a secondary school teacher by profession and experienced in Community Radio advocacy.


Radio Ada
Radio Ada in Ghana


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