Njoki & Faith: Update on repression from Social Justice Centres (Nairobi)
Njoki and Faith

Njoki Gachanja is a spirited Social Justice warrior and humanist based in Githurai Nairobi where she serves as the coordinator of Githurai Social Justice Center. She fiercely advocates for dignity and equity for all and is especially passionate about women in politics, leadership and governance and the welfare of children. She also serves as the administrative secretary at the Social Justice working Group and the steering committee.
Njoki, a loving mother of two, is well known for her thought provoking writing and her fluent and fiery articulation of societal issues. She is a trained photojournalist, trainer, public speaker and consultant on issues of human rights. Her revolutionary spirit is inspired by our Kenyan freedom fighters that refused to live on their knees and chose to die standing. Her life’s mantra
“Scratch not your head trying to figure out who I was.
Burden not my grave with decorated words on an epitaph.
When all is said and done and my time has come, let my footprints
Lead you to a life well lived”
~Njoki Gachanja~
Faith Kasina is the co-convener of the Social Justice Movement Co-founder and coordinator of the Kayole Community Justice center. She was born and raised in Kayole and the injustices she witnessed growing up in her hood stirred a passion in her to be a voice that speaks against injustices and abuse. She refuses to conform to the normalization of class discrimination and has dedicated her life to living the change she desires.
She is passionate about advocating for safe spaces for both boys and girls and the most marginalized in the community and her heart beats for the youth as she tries to champion against the criminalization of youth and poverty. Her biggest desire is an equal, dignified and just world.

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