Launch of Decolonization and Afro-Feminism with Sylvia Tamale and Charmaine Pereira

Sylvia Tamale, author of Decolonization and Afro-Feminism, will be discussing her new book with Charmaine Pereira, writer and feminist scholar in Abuja, Nigeria.

In this extraordinary and erudite book, Sylvia Tamale, the distinguished Ugandan scholar and public intellectual, brilliantly dissects and demolishes the dangerous tropes of coloniality that distort our understanding of African societies, cultures, bodies, institutions, experiences, social relations, and realities.

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Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum
Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum
September 24, 2020

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Daraja Press

Yes. You can view it on this page!

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