Enacting Liberation: Black Wellness & Freedom in a time of Covid-19

Nana Fofie Bashir
Nana Fofie is a child of Black migrants from the south and Somali nomads from the east. She is a facilitator and multimodal artist rooted in New Orleans. She invites ritual, examination, story, and play in her work to vision, strategize, and practice liberation in community and movement spaces in the Gulf South and across the U.S. Nana Fofie provides Expressive Arts Therapy with The institute for Ashé Movement and is a founding partner of Wind & Warrior, a cultural & healing arts collective.

Dorise Blackmon
Dorise is a musician and a retired public school teacher who has lived in New Orleans for twenty years. She owns and operates a small construction operation in New Orleans that she began after Hurricane Katrina to provide construction training and jobs, and housing in and with her community.

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