Black lives, black deaths and health workers in the time of Covid

Baba Aye is the Health and Social Sector policy officer of Public Services International (PSI) and Vice President of Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2). He worked for two decades in the Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria (MHWUN) before leaving as Deputy General Secretary to join PSI. He was also the pioneering Coordinating Secretary of the West African Health Sector Unions Network (WAHSUN). He is currently a Co-Convener of the Coalition for Revolution (CORE) and editor of the website. Baba is a contributing editor of the Review of African Political Economy (RoAPE) and has published book chapters, working papers and journal articles on: health and social care, industrial relations, development economics, migration, workers’ education, identity politics, women’s liberation, precarity and globalisation. He is also the author of Era of Crises & Revolts: Perspectives for Workers and Youth.

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