Some Of Us Are Brave: Interviews and Conversations with Sisters in Life and Struggle

A society born of white supremacy and patriarchy must, by definition, ignore the voices of Black women. We know that unfortunately, such an attitude will also naturally seep into every strata of that society. Part of the contribution to correct that was the centering and airing of Black women’s voices through Some of Us Are Brave: A Black Women’s Radio Program that aired on Pacifica’s Los Angeles radio station  (KPFK) from 2003 until 2011. The program covered a myriad of issues by amplifying the voices of a broad cross-section of Black women. Some of those voices have been preserved here in this volume. In addition to capturing various moments in time with a variety of women, this is also a means of taking the intellectual production of and about Black women out of the hands of institutions that are both fundamentally anti-Black and anti-woman.

Some of Us Are Brave:  Interviews and Conversations with Sisters on Life and Struggle features the voices of:

Adrienne Maree Brown

Assata Shakur

Ava DuVernay

Barbara Ransby

Byllye Avery

Carol Boyce Davies

Charlene Hunter Gault

Dorothy Roberts

Elaine Brown

Erica Huggins

Iyanla Van Zant

Melina Abdullah

Michelle Alexander

Patrisse Cullors

Paula Giddings

Paula Kelley

Pearl Cleage

Ramona Africa

Ruby Dee

Sonia Sanchez

Tina Mabry

and more …

Edited by Thandisizwe Chimurenga

ISBN Print: 9781990263705
Publication Date: April 2023
Page Count: 200
Binding Type: Soft-cover
Trim Size: 6x9
Language: English


Some of Us Are Brave founders are Ayanna Canada; Crystal Blackcreek Carlisle; J. Evan Dunlap; Iyatunde Folayan (Latrice Dixon); Grayce Gadsen; Sister Charlene Muhammad;  Sherri Ross; Nancy Webb and myself; Some of Us Are Brave team members and supporters were Iyanifa Fayomi Falade Aworeni; Kali Sampson Alexander; Angela Birdsong; Laini Coffee; Rhonda Dixon; Jan Robinson Flint; Haleemah Henderson; Zakiya Kyle; Ellene Miles; Kaia Niambi Shivers and S. Pearl Sharp.  To all of you: Asante Sana! Medase Paa! Modupe pupo! And all other languages and ways to say Thank You!

To former KPFK management Eva Georgia (General Manager) Armando Gudino (Program Director) and Nate Scott (Operations Manager): Thank You for opening the door!

Many, Many Thanks and Tons of Love to Dave Adelson, Kwazi Nkrumah and my late but great compañero, Fernando Velasquez.

A “Good Bruthas Lookin’ Out For The Sistas” Award goes to sound engineers Mark Maxwell and Teddy Robinson for hookin’ up such a dope theme; and ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY NOTHING BUT LOVE to all KPFK Listeners and guests for rocking with us for all those years. You are greatly appreciated.

Shaunelle Curry and Dr. Lisa Covington: y’all are #BlackGirlMagic made flesh. Your Support over the years has truly been invaluable. Love You! Thank You!

Tatyanna Wilkinson and Angie Birdsong: y’all some hardcore MVPs. Love You! Thank You!

Big, Huge, Ginormous Thanks to the initial funders to get transcripts for this book: Baba Kofi Opantiri | Maryanne | Carlos | Merna | Michael | Dez  | Frieda and Katherine | Sheba | Baye | Dorothy | Casey | Pamela | Ginna | Charles | Kali | Mama Geri | Zenzele | Jennifer | Lorelei | Lynn | Chris  | Shawn | Yvette | and Makani

Big, Huge, Ginormous Thanks to Jesse Strauss, Frieda Werden and Makani Themba: your assistance with transcription has to be really, really shouted out. Like, REALLY.

To Firoze Manji and the staff and comrades of Daraji Press: thank you for your enthusiasm, your support and your patience. Nakupenda!

Inevitably, unfortunately, someone is always left out of an acknowledgment. Please charge it to my head and not my heart.

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