False Promises: The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

Timothy A. Wise is a Senior Adviser at IATP, where his work focuses on the Future of Food, based on his recent book, Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers, and the Battle for the Future of Food (The New Press). Tim has a long history of collaboration with IATP, on issues including agricultural dumping, U.S. agricultural subsidies and policies, responses to the 2007-8 global food crisis, the WTO, and Mexico under NAFTA. He is a Senior Adviser with the Small Planet Institute, where he directed the Land and Food Rights Program from 2013-2020. He is also a senior research fellow at Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Institute, where he founded and directed its Globalization and Sustainable Development Program. He previously served as executive director of the U.S.-based aid agency Grassroots International. He is the author of Confronting Globalization:Economic Integration and Popular Resistance in Mexico, in addition to Eating Tomorrow. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Best link for the report False Promises, in English: https://www.rosalux.de/en/publication/id/42635
My background paper, Failing Africa’s Farmers: https://sites.tufts.edu/gdae/files/2020/07/20-01_Wise_FailureToYield.pdf
My new policy brief, Africa’s Choice, in…
English: https://www.iatp.org/sites/default/files/2020-07/2020_07_AfricasChoice_PolicyBrief.pdf
French: https://www.iatp.org/sites/default/files/2020-07/2020_07_LE%20CHOIX%20DE%20L%E2%80%99AFRIQUE.pdf
Nice podcast on the report with many African voices: https://soundcloud.com/rosaluxstiftung/false-promises

A US journalist today published a detailed article on the report: 
And she links in it to the AGRA statement about the report: 

Finally, the best place to send people to find my book is my author page:
Note that there are many published excerpts from the book available there:

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