Stop Amazon grabbing sacred ancestral land in South Africa

Amazon is building its African HQ on a floodplain in Cape Town at the confluence of the Liesbeek and Black Rivers and sacred ancestral land of the Indigenous Khoi and San people. As the site of the first colonial bloodshed and resistance, this site is of historical importance to all people of Southern Africa, especially the Indigenous Khoi whose ancestors were custodians of the land for millennia. Now the Amazon developers want to destroy this ancestral land and steal it for themselves, building a massive campus at the confluence of the Liesbeek and Black Rivers. Firoze Manji of Daraja Press speaks with:

  • Geronimo DeKlerk, born and raised in Elsies River, Cape Town, youth coordinator of the Goringhaicona Khoi Khoi Indigenous Traditional Council, and Director of Feed The Future For Life, NPO, a food sovereignty organisation.
  • Tauriq Jenkins is the High Commissioner of the Goringhaicona Khoi Khoin Traditional Indigenous Council and chair of the A|XARRA Restorative Justice Forum, as well as a researcher at the San and Khoi Unit at the Centre for African Studies at the University of Cape Town. He is also involved with various civic and environmental bodies.
  • And Faraah September, who is based in Québec, Canada


Sep 01 2023


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