Organising in the time of COVID-19
COVID-19 & Omicron: Rob Wallace talks about Rebellion as Intervention

I spoke with Rob Wallace about his excellent article on Patreon: “Don’t look up…COVID’s infectious period” available at Omicron variant is everywhere. It isn’t the only variant in the mix. The crisis is growing to unprecedented proportions. The response of governments is underwhelming, obsessed as they are to prioritizing profiteering over people’s health. Workers on the ‘frontlines’ of health care, services, manufacturing, those living or working in overcrowded conditions are simply being left to suffer or die. Racism prevails. There is international apartheid but also domestic apartheid prevailing in many countries. Testing and vaccinations are necessary but completely insufficient, while healthcare systems that have long been underfunded or privatized, are facing collapse. Analyses and criticisms are equally necessary but insufficient a response. What can be done? What forms of resistance and rebellion can bring about change?

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