Civil unrest in Kenya – discussion with militants

Minoo Kyaa, Gathanga Ndung’u and Gacheke Gachihi, Brian Mathenge, and Wangina Wahome talk to Firoze Manji, Daraja Press, about the civic uprisings and the killings of unarmed civilians by the police in Kenya in recent days and the role of Raila Odinga, the leader of the opposition party, the AZIMIO coalition.

Minoo Kyaa is a Member of Mukuru Community Justice Center and a team leader at the Social Justice Centers Traveling Theatre

Gacheke Gachihi s the Coordinator of Mathare Social Justice Centre and a Member of the Social Justice Centres Working Group Steering Committee in Nairobi Kenya.

Gathanga Ndung’u is an activist and an organizer with Mathare Social Justice Centre, Kenya Organic Intellectuals Network and Revolutionary Socialist League. He is also the author of MATHARE: An Urban Bastion of Anti-Oppression Struggle in Kenya, published by Daraja Press.

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