Salimah Valiani is a poet, activist and researcher. Her 2021 poetry
collection, 29 leads to love, is the 2022 Winner of The International Book Award for Contemporary Poetry. She is also the author of four other poetry collections: breathing for breadth (TSAR 2005); Letter Out: Letter In (Inanna 2009); land of the sky (Inanna 2016); Cradles (Daraja 2017). Her story-poem, Dear South Africa, was one of seven works selected for the 2019-2020 Praxis Magazine Online Chapbook Series.

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    On love (xxxiii) 13 Dorothy Masuku in Sophiatown 2018 14 Re-Map 16 On love (xxxiv) 18 56 Chapman Street 19 Yesterday Today Tomorrow 20 Marlboro Winter 21 Diepsloot Winter (pre-loadshedding) 22 Only in Jozi 23 Dispossession 24 Ontvangs B Helen Joseph Hospital 25 Mammogram Waiting Room Roodepoort 26 Pholosong Emergency 27 1st Road 28 Inclines 29 Counterclock Clock 30 airbnb Meldene 32 Meldene to Melville, COVID-19 late third wave 33 Excess death or, Acer rubrum 34 Westdene Winter or, Masculinity 35 Shrieking yellow 36 Fleurhof 37 Intraction Extraction 38 On love (xxxv) 40 Moon Garden 41 On love (xxxvi) 42 Garnets or, On love (xxxvii) 43 Spirit 44 Lower 4th Westdene or, On love (xxxviii) 45 On love (xxxix) 46 Natalia Molebatsi and Bab’Themba Mokoena in dance 47 Maps 48 inimba 49 On love (xl) 50 On love (xli) 51 Footsteps 52 inimba (ii) 53 On love (xlii) 54 iSothamilo or, On love (xliii) 55 big little forest 56 On love (xliv) 57


    or, Only in Jozi (ii) or, On love (xlv) 62 Origins 63 metsi/amanzi/emanti/mvura/madzi/ruwa/water/ /l’eau/ 65 Down Main Street Melville or, Umsebenzi 66 Umsebenzi (ii) 67 Footsteps (ii) 68 Where will we go? 69 RosesRunways 70 On love (xlvi) or, Umsebenzi (iii) 71 72 Wealth 74 Recipe or, Wealth (ii) 75 On love (xlvii) 76 sodade (iii) or, Joy of Jazz Sandton 2017 77 Mushrooms in Mint or, On love (xlviii) 78 Footsteps (iii) 80 Distances 81 Only in Jozi (iii) 82 Greenhill Grocer or, On love (xlix) 83 Only in Jozi (iv) or, On love (l) 84 Fidel Castro at Lillisleaf Farm 2017 or, On love (li) 87 After the launch of Cradles or, 2018 or, On love (lii) 90 sodade (iv) EGoli or, On love (liii) On love (liv)


    A new collection of poems by Salimah Valiani. IGoli EGoli is a sociopolitical reading of Johannesburg drawing on its famous, and not so famed, people, places, plants & pronouncements.

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  • Love Pandemic: Poems

    The poems here were written during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most were circulated through What’s App voice notes, an intimate way of keeping distance while reaching out to touch. The poems speak to experiences and occurrences during the first wave in different parts of the world and the pressing need to make love as global and infectious as the novel corona virus. This collection is a prelude to “29 leads to love”, a collection that explores more fully the grand notion of love which began coming to the fore in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has largely re-submerged.

  • Cradles

    Cradles is a collection poems on the nature(s) and nurturing that cradle us. They are divided into four parts: Womb is the first cradle, both ‘nature’ and ‘nurture’, under-acknowledged and often unmentioned. Beyond the physical womb of individuals, there are collective wombs that incubate on yet grander and greater scales. Land(s) are the cradles we typically identify as our ‘origins’, but as the Cradle of Humankind teaches, the many lands of today are interlaced in many concealed ways and originated in a single, little understood place. Tides are the many migrations and cycles of time that shape us. They can shift, upset and remake the nurturing of cradles; but also cradle us in cycles of wreckage. Wind sets us free of places and times of origin. This detachment can bring freedom, a sense of loss/lostness, and the many things in between. The freedom/loss/lostness spiral whirls with the wind and transforms. In surrendering to it we can alter its pace to our needs and desires.