Atticus is a communist theorist though he likes to think of himself as an anarchist in practice. His theoretical work is concerned with historical and contemporaneous black anarchist thought, the multiplicity of social struggles against oppression in the United States, and third worldist perspectives on revolution. His anarchist practice is concerned primarily with community based radical education, cultivating cultures of community self defense and anti-repression work. He has written for Red Voice and the Commoner and previously published  a chapter with Shemon and Arturo in the book The Revolutionary Meaning of the George Floyd Rebellion.

“Nsambu (or “Bl3ssing”), they/she, is a New African woman of nonbinary/transgender experience, focused on revolutionary organizing and educating at the crossroads of Black ecology, Third Worldism, transfeminist materialism, and anarchist/autonomist movement. They previously published “To The Ones Who Can Fly: A Message from the Whirlwind” (True Leap Press), including a study guide for support of Black trans prisoners. Her radical theoretical contributions have been featured on Red Voice News and Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas.

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